Official Website of African Union Hacked and Defaced

The cybercriminals are part of the SysBreak-Crew collective

The official website of the African Union (, the Ethiopia-based union which consists of 54 African states, has been hacked and defaced by hackers of the SysBreak-Crew.

According to Cyber News, the hackers didn’t have any particular reason for hacking the site.

Considering that there was no protest message on the defaced site, it’s likely that the hackers simply did it to show that they could.

The site appears to be hosted on a Linux server running Apache, located in the United States.

The African Union has managed to quickly restore the website, but the hackers have published a mirror to record their accomplishment. Hopefully, the organization has also patched up the security holes exploited by the hackers.

Back in December 2012, the same hacker group defaced a website of the Government of the Federal District of Mexico.

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