Official Ice Cream Sandwich RUU for HTC Sensation Leaks

Android 4.0.1 RUU for HTC Sensation XE is available as well

Only a few days have passed since custom ROM of the official Ice Cream Sandwich test build RUU for the HTC Sensation has leaked and the folks responsible are back with the original RUU.


Capychimp and Robocik, two XDA forums users have just leaked the original Ice Cream Sandwich RUU for the HTC Sensation and the Sensation XE smartphones.


Android tech-savvy users who own any of the two smartphones can now download and flash the RUUs via XDA Developers thread.


The initial release of the customer Ice Cream Sandwich RUU has the following features:


- Base - 3.06.401.101 Sensation XE, Android 4.0.1;

- Kernel - Stock, 3.0.13-g8085863 htc-kernel;

- Optimized and zipaligned apks, zipaligned with sdk16;

- Speed optimization scripts;

- init.d support;

- HTCSync is working now;

- Big MMS;

- Face unlock and most of other Ice Cream Sandwich goodies;

- Movie Studio;

- Added Keyboard pop up animation;

- EVO Latin IME (standard android keyboard).


Given the fact that this is a pre-release version, Android users may encounter bugs and issues that will probably be corrected in the future test builds.


Until then, here is a short list of the known issues that have already been discovered by those who leaked this build:


- Can’t set wallpaper from gallery;

- HTC Sync not working

- Small MMS issues.


However, several of these problems have already been fixed by the persons responsible for this leak, who also added a few tweaks and improvements. This is the main reason that this release has been tagged as “custom” RUU.


- Optimized and zipaligned apks, zipaligned with sdk16;

- Added some optimization scripts;

- Added init.d support;

- Added a reboot apk to make a normal/bootloader/recovery reboot (until a real APM comes);

- Cleaned out unnecessary apk files (over the air, loggers and so);

- Added social network lockscreen;

- Fixed small MMS issue;

- HTCSync is working now.


HTC already confirmed it will deploy the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the HTC Sensation sometime next year, but until then those who know what they’re doing can take advantage of these leaked ROMs for a glimpse of what’s to come.

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