Official Google Chrome Extensions for Calendar, Web Clipboard and YouTube

While the Google Chrome extension gallery was created to showcase what others build for the browser, Googlers have been submitting quite a few official (to varying degrees) extensions of their own. Now Google is highlighting some of the newest additions and updates.

"We've been thrilled to see many useful Chrome extensions created by developers around the world. Similarly, Googlers have been very enthusiastic about creating extensions that allow users to add features to their favorite Google products," Koh Kim, Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google, wrote.

"We have a handful of new extensions in the gallery that we're keen to share with you, including new official extensions for Google Calendar, Google Docs and YouTube," she said.

An interesting extension is the official Google Calendar add-on for Chrome. While the team could have created a simple reminder tool to notifying users of upcoming appointments and events and called it a day, this extension adds quite a bit of functionality.

You can not only check out your schedule, but also add events to the Calendar. For example with Facebook or Evite events you will see a new button enabling you to add the event to your schedule with just one click.

What's more, Calendar for Chrome will also show a map for the event if its location can be determined.

Another addition to the Google extensions family is Web Clipboard. As you might have guessed from the name, the extension adds a direct link to the Web Clipboard in Google Docs enabling you to copy and paste text and images between browser sessions.

Finally, for all YouTube fans out there comes the YouTube Feed extension which, again, you can probably guess what it does. It enables you to keep up with your subscriptions from inside the browser without actually having to visit the video site.

"Other Google extensions like Blog This, Google Calendar Checker and News Reader have been updated with new features like enabling special characters in blog posts, support for multiple calendars and custom news feeds," Google also announced.

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