Official Android 4.0.3 (Build 3.13.605.7) Leaks for HTC Rezound

The software update is meant to fix a series of issues present with the device

Owners of an HTC Rezound smartphone can now download and install on their devices a new flavor of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, namely build 3.13.605.7.

The new iteration of Google’s mobile platform arrives on this mobile phone with a variety of bug fixes inside, while also packing some other enhancements for users to enjoy.

The software was not made available via the usual update channels, yet it appears to be an official build for the device, though not a final release, the guys over at Android Police note.

In fact, those HTC Resound users interested in downloading and installing it will be able to do so only if their handsets have a locked bootloader and if they are fully stock.

Some of the improvements that have been included in this build range from fixes for the Facebook application to resolved issues with the phone’s camera or its WiFi Hotspot capabilities.

Following the installation of this software, users will no longer see the Facebook app force closing when tapping a video album, nor would there be an “Android updating” message on power up.

Issues with the photo snapper not launching have been resolved, as well as those that resulted in the camera turning dark when using Facelock. Problems with the phone’s resets have been mended as well.

The release notes for this Android 4.0.3 (Build 3.13.605.7) for HTC Rezound also include:

Roaming charges when in Canada & Mexico

Hotspot turning off after 10 minutes

Exchange mail account removed after FOTA

Car dock limiting charging current

"Set Current Date" popping up frequently

BUA+ (multiple issues)

Flash player removed

OTA over incorrect APN

OTA SW update time

Text field difficult to read

The new software can already be found up for download through various websites. To install it, users would have to follow the same steps as with any official update, Android Police explains.

The file must be renamed to and then placed to the root of the SD card. After that, reboot the device, and enter the bootloader by holding VOL DOWN + Power when it boots up. The installation process should start automatically.

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