Odin Lloyd Texts Sister Before Death, Tells Her Killer Is Linked to NFL [AP]

Lloyd asked her if she remembered who he was with

There is new evidence in the Odin Lloyd murder, in which the police have identified Aaron Hernandez as a prime suspect.

According to the AP, Lloyd sent texts to his sister on the night he died. On June 17 at 3:07 a.m., he asked her if she spotted who was with him.

He sent a second text telling her that it was someone in the NFL at 3:23 a.m. As previously reported, Hernandez was charged with murder on Wednesday. The 27-year-old victim's body was found in a park near the player's home.

Lloyd was shot several times in what police have described as an execution. A second man, 27-year-old Carlos Ortiz has been arrested in connection to the crime.

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