Oddest at World Records Day – How Many Girls Can Fit into a Mini

The team squeezed into the space above the dashboard, the footwells and the trunk

The eighth annual Guinness World Records Day features a lot of odd attempts, and one of the craziest is breaking the record for most girls that can fit into a Mini.

Believe it or not, all 28 girls pictured above managed to fit into one tiny BMW Mini. The demonstration occurred at Potters Field Park in London, and Guiness have already confirmed the win.

The amazingly flexible girls took over the title from last year's 27 winners, on this year's Guinness anniversary.

If you're wondering how they were able to cram into the Mini, the Telegraph informs that they occupied every single inch of it. Many crammed on the car seats, while others stood in the space above the dashboard, in the footwell compartments and in the trunk.

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