Odd Mini-ITX Motherboard with Just Two SATA Ports Released by MSI

Despite there being support for 16 GB of RAM, storage options are limited

We suppose that a mini-ITX motherboard will go in a small form factor case and, thus, there won't be room for many storage devices in the system anyway.

When looking at it like that, the existence of only two SATA ports, for HDDs, SSDs or HHDs, is not such a great restriction.

On the other hand, SATA ports are relatively easy to cram together, so it would have been possible to add more. We also have to wonder why only one of the two available connectors here is SATA III (6 Gbps).

At any rate, the name of the motherboard is C847IS-P33 and the Intel Celeron 847 dual-core CPU lies at its heart (1.1 GHz, 17W TDP).

DVI and D-Sub video ports are present (no HDMI, so HTPC builders may want to think twice), along with two memory slots (16 GB DDR3 max), 6-channel HD audio, Gigabit Ethernet, legacy PS/2 and UEFI BIOS.

No price or availability information has been disclosed so far.

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