Octopus Pants Shown Off by Billy Horschel During U.S. Open

Horschel makes a splash by pairing a bright pink shirt with octopus-patterned pants

Billy Horschel may not be known as the greatest golf player of all time, but he will be remembered as a trend setter.

The golfing fashion icon tweeted a shot of his now famous octopus pants, which he wore with a bright pink polo shirt.

”Well here they are! The highly anticipated highly controversial….Octopus pants! Great outfits all week by RLX!” he wrote.

According to the Inquisitr, Horschel is promoting a line of sportswear for his sponsor Ralph Lauren. He has shown off the brand's golfing outfits in the RLX line.

The ex-University of Florida golfer is a rookie on the PGA Tour, and now all eyes are definitely on him.

He has made a series of funny and bizarre comments that are drawing buzz, one of which refers to him believing in Bigfoot and UFOs.

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