Octomom’s Son Gets Restraining Order Against Obsessed Ex-Nanny

Gina Bryson has been harassing the 11-year-old boy incessantly

While Nadya Suleman is seeking help for an addiction to prescription pills, trouble rears its ugly head at home, with one of her 14 children. Octomom’s oldest son has just obtained a restraining order against a former nanny.

TMZ reports that the nanny Gina Bryson worked with the family until this summer, when she was let go.

Ever since, she’s been “incessantly harassing” 11-year-old Elijah Solomon, calling and texting him at all hours, the celebrity e-zine notes.

“Sources close to Octo tell us, she fired Gina over the summer – and that's when Gina allegedly began her campaign of psycho calls and texts,” TMZ writes.

The ex-nanny also leaked false stories about Elijah and his mother to the press, all of which ended up online, as was to be expected.

One such story claimed Elijah had seen his mother’s compromising video she shot just recently, in yet another desperate bid to save her house from foreclosure.

Another claimed Elijah would oftentimes molest his younger sisters, which prompted a visit from children’s services. All claims were proven false.

“A judge has prohibited Gina from going within 100 yards of Elijah, or contacting him in any way,” TMZ states.

“We're told Octo is in the process of filing additional restraining order requests for two other children whom Gina's allegedly been harassing as well,” the same report further says.

Also today, word got out that Suleman is not alone in rehab: her own dad, Ed Doud, is looking to kick his addiction at the same rehabilitation center, as we also informed you.

While Octomom is addicted to Xanax, as per her own admission, Doud is struggling to beat alcoholism, which goes back many years.

Meanwhile, Suleman’s kids are in the care of nannies and a few trusted friends, including, presumably, Nadya’s mother.

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