Octomom’s Father Joins Her in Rehab

Ed Doud and daughter Nadya Suleman are getting help together

Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom in the press, and Ed Doud, her dad, are getting help together, at the same rehab center, it has emerged. Doud is seeking help for an addiction to alcohol.

One week ago, Suleman announced she was entering a 30-day rehabilitation program for an addiction to Xanax, which her doctor had prescribed to her to help her deal with stress and anxiety.

In going to rehab, Octomom was leaving her 14 minor children in the care of a crew of nannies and some of her good friends.

If her mother is probably helping out with the kids as well, her dad isn’t, because he too is in rehab, TMZ informs.

“A rep for Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, 71-year-old papa Octo (aka Ed Doud) checked into the Chapman House Rehabilitation Center Wednesday for a 28-day alcohol dependency program,” the celebrity e-zine reports.

“We're told Ed's alcohol addiction goes back decades – and he was inspired by his daughter to finally clean up his act,” the same media outlet notes.

At the time this came out, the two had not yet crossed paths in rehab, with the staff having already decided to keep them apart for as long as possible, so that they could focus on their respective programs without distractions.

However, “we're told they'll definitely come together for some family therapy sessions,” TMZ notes.

Ironically, it was Suleman’s own father who was at the root of rumors that his daughter was not addicted to prescription pills but to alcohol, which emerged late last week.

As we also informed you at the time, several phone messages from Ed to Suleman’s nanny emerged online, in which he could be heard saying that he was worried sick because Nadya had started to drink heavily but would still drive her kids around.

The claims made in the recordings were backed up by the nanny, who also provided video evidence of an apparently drunk Nadya who insisted on driving her kids back home – but who eventually relented and agreed to spend the night where she was, and let the kids go home with someone else.

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