Octomom Nadya Suleman Is Back on Welfare

Mother of 14 is again unable to provide financially for her ample brood

Nadya Suleman has been making headlines for some time now, since she gave birth to healthy octuplets, which earned her the nickname Octomom. She has 14 kids in total and, as of just recently, is back on welfare once more.

The controversy around Octomom began when word got out that, even though she’d just given birth to octuplets, she had other 6 minor children at home and absolutely no possibility of providing for them.

Moreover, all the children were conceived through IVF at Suleman’s request, who once said her biggest dream had been to have as many kids as possible.

Now that she has, she’s repeatedly having trouble putting food on the table for them. TMZ has learned that she’s turned to government assistance for that once more.

“Sources close to Octo tell TMZ, Nadya Suleman signed up for welfare again this week after her October rehab bills devoured most of her savings,” the celebrity e-zine says.

“We're told the mother of 14 will be getting $1,800 [€1,365] a month for food, $1,000 [€758.4] for emergency cash, as well as Medi-Cal benefits to help with mental health and dental issues. According to sources, Octomom only plans to use the welfare money while she gets back on her feet,” the report further notes.

Last year, Suleman went back on welfare until she got several job offers that not only put thousands of dollars in her bank account but also considerably boosted her public profile. They included exotic dancing and adult videos, both things she said she’d never do, no matter how strapped for cash.

Shortly afterwards, she was admitted to rehab for addiction to prescription drugs, but reports online claimed that she might have been abusing alcohol as well. Her father joined her at the same facility.

During this time, Suleman’s children were cared for by her mother and an army of nannies.

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