Octomom Nadya Suleman Breaks Out the Swimsuit Once More for Magazine Cover

Not long ago, Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, was saying that she’d hired new management and was looking forward to a career lacking in the mistakes she did in the past, which also included a regrettable beach photoshoot. She’s again in a swimsuit on the cover of a magazine.

Suleman rose to fame when she gave birth to healthy octuplets, all of whom survived. She became infamous a short while later, when it emerged she had another 6 kids at home and no means to provide for them.

In recent months, Octomom made mistake after mistake (her words, not ours), posing in various stages of undress for a risqué photoshoot and doing several spreads in a swimsuit to show that she’d gotten her body back.

She promised she’d never do this again – yet here she is, as Gawker puts it, posing in a bikini for “America’s trashiest magazine, Steppin’ Out.”

Because the cover features Suleman in a two-piece swimsuit and absolutely zero indication that she gave birth to no less than 14 children, Gawker reached out to the Steppin’ Out editor to learn just how much Photoshop they used on her body.

Admittedly, the answer to that is: barely any.

“I’ve done a lot more work on celebs who are ‘Hollywood hotties’... I could have taken out the vains [sic] in her hands, but I really don’t think she needs that kind of work,” the editor tells Gawker.

“Some slight skin smoothing at best. I wanted to show her as she really is. And what you see is really what you get,” adds the same source.

The Daily Mail also has a few excerpts from the interview and it would seem that Suleman opens up to Steppin’ Out on a topic she’s hardly discussed before in the press: her love life.

As per her own words, she only had one boyfriend in her life and he is also the only one she ever had relations with. She didn’t enjoy it and has been living without any for the past 12 years – and she’s perfectly happy with that, she says.

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