Obviously, GeForce GTX Titan Already Scored a Record, 1750 MHz in Quad-SLI

As one might expect, lots of liquid nitrogen was involved in the test run

NVIDIA emphasized triple-way SLI multi-GPU setups for some reason when it spoke of the new GeForce GTX Titan graphics card, despite the product being overpowered even on its own.

Either way, overclockers proved quite quick to test the device, although EVGA’s in-house KingPin really outdid himself.

He took not one, but four of those things and added another world record to his already considerable list.

His quad-SLI configuration achieved a record clock speed of 1750 MHz (versus 876 MHz) and scored X18554 points in 3DMark 11 extreme preset (another record).

That was the GPU frequency. The memory worked at 1707 MHz memory clock. The voltage was of 1162 MV.

See the trailer-like video above for the fun stuff, or check the many rebranded Titans revealed today and yesterday. Coincidentally, EVGA is the only one with a less than ordinary card so far.

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