Obsidian Would Love to Create Alpha Protocol Sequel

The intellectual property belongs to SEGA and they are unwilling to fund it

Despite the amount of love that the first Alpha Protocol received from dedicated fans, it’s highly unlikely that the development team at Obsidian will work on a sequel soon because the rights to the game universe are linked to publisher SEGA.

Chris Avellone, who is the leader of Obsidian, has told VG247 that, “I’ve tried to let people know that Kickstarter isn’t the place for funding someone else’s franchise. Sega owns Alpha Protocol, for example, Dungeons and Dragons is Hasbro. That’s a different kettle of fish.”

He added, “We’d love to do sequels to these games that we’ve worked on, but that’s often not up to us, and it’s not something we could do through Kickstarter, really, or I couldn’t see how they might be done.”

Obsidian has turned to Kickstarter to get funding for Project Eternity, their new isometric party-based role-playing game, because the company saw no opportunity to get access to the resources it needed via the traditional publishing system.

Alpha Protocol was an action game played from a third-person perspective, which put the players in the shoes of a secret agent and allowed them to explore a vast conspiracy-based narrative.

Fans loved the game for the way it managed to integrate fluid action with a lot of role-playing elements and for the emphasis it put on the choices that the gamer made as he progressed through the game universe.

As many Obsidian released titles, the game was plagued by bugs on launch and it failed to be commercially successful.

That makes it unlikely that publisher SEGA will ever green light Alpha Protocol 2.

Project Eternity is currently still receiving funding via the Kickstarter crowdfunding service and more than 45,000 have already backed it.

The game is close to the $2 million (€1.54 million) mark and there are still 22 days during which fans can contribute to it.

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