“Oblivion” Trailer: Tom Cruise Is Everyman, the Last One on Earth

Director Joseph Kosinski welcomes you into his own, mind-blowing version of Earth

Over the weekend, the first poster for director Joseph Kosinski’s second film, a sci-fi post-apocalyptic action movie called “Oblivion,” came out. The full trailer is now online and, as usual, you can see it in full above.

Starring Tom Cruise as a drone repair man / Everyman who walks the Earth alone (or so he thinks) in the aftermath of some great, devastating interstellar war, the film shows a lot of promise, based on the first footage from it.

Kosinski is an artist of the image even though he might not be that well versed when it comes to putting a narrative together, and his big screen debut “TRON: Legacy” should offer the best indication as to how brilliant he is with creating unbelievably gorgeous spaces.

The trailer, as was to be expected, is packed with action, superb cinematography, some explosions and even a dash of (romantic) drama as well.

Call me a sentimentalist, but I’m still not past the Tom Cruise Action Man stage, which basically means I will be seeing it when it comes out in January. Let me know if you too.

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