Anonymous on Objectives of OpDemonoid: Restore Services by Any Means

Anonymous releases another video statement to detail the goals of the campaign

Shortly after declaring war on the Ukrainian government for raiding the datacenter that housed Demonoid servers, Anonymous issued another statement to detail the objectives of OpDemonoid.

In a second video they have released for the occasion, the hacktivists highlight the fact that Demonoid and other similar websites that have been taken down by authorities are not just about free music and movies. Instead, they’re “an incredibly powerful educational tool facilitating something better than just open piracy.”

“Mega-Trackers provide a new model for distribution. Modern musicians and other artists have begun to embrace the medium. Meanwhile corporations and governments continue to fear it. Anonymous will simply not tolerate a world without it,” they explained.

OpDemonoid has two main objectives: the restoration of Demonoid services “by any means necessary,” and retaliation against the ones responsible for this downtime.

The first objective also includes the facilitation of “a series of mirror sites operated by free Anons everywhere.” This is what the hackers call an “open source Demonoid.”

“Our work will require time and patience but when we’re successful, and we will be, Demonoid will live again,” they said.

“Remember: a future without Demonoid and trackers like it is not a future you want to live in. Only you will be responsible if this is the future that unfolds for future generations.”

So far, OpDemonoid’s targets have been the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association (APO), the Ukrainian Agency for Copyright and Related Rights (UACRR), and the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine (NRADA).

The latest victims are the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine ( – whose site has been targeted with a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack - and the site of the Svalyava district (, which the hackers defaced.

As part of the defacement, the hacktivists have posted a short message and links to the complete OpDemonoid statement and to one of the videos they have published.

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