Obama's Aggressive Campaign Nets Him 1 Million Facebook Likes in One Day

Apparently, bigger is better when it comes to likes too

By on October 11th, 2012 20:11 GMT

As the November elections are closing in, both presidential candidates in the US are stepping up their game, on Facebook.

Obama, ever-popular with the internet crowd, i.e. normal people, isn't content with the millions of Facebook likes he's got already and, maybe assuming that more likes mean more votes, launched a coordinated assault, on all fronts, to jack up the number.

It worked too, the president got one million more likes in just one day, up from the 30,000 likes per day average he was getting so far.

He, well, his team, has done this with a Sponsored Stories campaign, the type of ads that use everyone else's likes as endorsements, the type of ads that got Facebook sued.

However, while the short-term effect is obvious and arguably positive, one million more likes, some people are annoyed by the aggressiveness of the campaign, something that could backfire for Obama.


Obama is seeing a surge in popularity, on Facebook
   Obama is seeing a surge in popularity, on Facebook
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