Obama Violates Constitution with Recess Appointments

Three members of the National Labor Relations Board have been questioned

A federal appeals court decision proves unfavorable to the Obama administration, as some of the President's appointments prove unconstitutional.

The ruling applies to a case from last year in which Obama made three recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, Guardian writes. He had not consulted with the Senate and filled the vacancies on the panel.

According to President Obama, he was right to fill the vacant NLRB spots. Had he waited for the Senate to return from their holidays, the decision would have been pushed back 20 days. According to the Constitution, the President is entitled to make appointments of the kind during Senate recess.

Deputy labor secretary Sharon Block, union lawyer Richard Griffin and NLRB counsel Terence Flynn were given the positions on the NLRB. Richard Cordray was given the role of heading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, that same day.

In light of the Republican win in the appeals court, Cordray's appointment will now be disputed in court as well.

Do you believe that what the President did was unconstitutional? Leave your comments in the section below.

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