Obama Makes Two Very Poor Decisions Concerning Environmental Protection

The US President said he would fight climate change, his actions testify to the contrary

As reported, hurricane Sandy (and its being fueled by climate change) is quite likely what caused Barack Obama to be reelected as president of the US, primarily because, during his candidature acceptance speech, he vouched that he would deal with global warming.

Moreover, soon after being reelected, President Obama made a case of how both American citizens and other nations were, “threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet,” which is why most of his actions would revolve around tackling this issue.

Still, as Tree Hugger points out, what the US President says and what the US President does do not really see eye to eye.

Thus, it was only recently when Barack Obama saw fit to exclude US airlines from European carbon emissions fees.

This means that one of the bills he has signed states that American-based airlines are not required to pay any type of fees on the carbon emissions they release when flying in and out of various European cities.

Since most such companies typically hold financial incentives and considerations very close at heart, it is quite likely that, in the absence of said carbon fees, they will not feel compelled to cut down on their ecological footprint.

According to the same source, President Obama's second very poor decision is that of auctioning off roughly 20 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico.

In case anyone is wondering who intends to bid for these 20 million acres, the answer is quite simple: oil companies.

“Tomorrow [November 28], as part of President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy to continue to expand safe and responsible domestic energy production, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will hold an oil and gas lease sale that will make more than 20 million offshore acres available, and represents all unleased areas in the Western Gulf of Mexico Planning Area,” reads the official website for the US Department of the Interior.

Needless to say, greenheads and environmental scientists are bound to be dissatisfied with these two decision taken by the current US President.

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