‘Obama Is Hot,’ Says Paris Hilton

Stars speak out on new President Barack Obama

Even if Mickey Rourke said, not long ago, that actors should keep out of politics, he being the only exception to this rule that he made, it seems that stars find it very hard to keep mum when such a major event as the inauguration of a new president takes place. Life&Style got to speak to a few celebrities, and to learn what their hopes were in terms of expectations from Barack Obama.

To start off on a high note, the mag has spoken to Paris Hilton, of whom the media says she couldn’t care less about anything else other than her own person. Nevertheless, it turns out as this is not the case, since the heiress is also thinking of the recession as well.

“I hope and believe Barack Obama will pull us out of this recession! I’m thrilled to have him as our new president. He’s the exact change our world needs. Obama is hot, and he rocks!” Paris tells the mag, adding a personal touch with the “hot” part to her brief speech.

Former Paris sidekick, Kim Kardashian, though, has kept it realistic. She only wants Obama to do what he promised he would during the campaign, and she has faith that he would meet all his self-imposed goals with no problem. “I hope that during his presidency, Obama brings our troops home from Iraq, stabilizes our economy and helps provide health care for all Americans. I think he’s going to be an amazing leader. I’m proud of what he’s done so far.” Kim tells the mag.

Aspiring singer and reality show star Brooke Hogan is also hopeful, while stressing on the importance of every US citizen getting involved in making a positive change. “I support the Obama wave, and I’m excited for change. These are exciting times, and there’s a lot of hope out there. It’s never too late to get involved!” she says.

Male celebrities have also been included in the query and, not surprising at all, they kept their answers shorter than women. “I’m very excited for him and the change I think he’s going to bring.” rapper Diddy, a fervent Obama supporter, states. “I hope the spirit of this administration continues its momentum, the wonderful spirit of hope and change.” Ben Affleck explains.


However, this trend of celebrities speaking out on politics seems to be only at the beginning. Make sure you stay tuned here for more.


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