OS4 OpenLinux 13.7 Is a Good Replacement for Windows and Mac OS Fans – Screenshot Tour

A new version of this Ubuntu-based distribution has been released

OS4 OpenLinux, a custom Linux distribution compatible with Ubuntu and Debian Linux that aims for ease of use and user friendliness, has just reached version 13.7.

The goal of OS4 OpenLinux is to offer users a Linux alternative to Windows and Mac OS that is just as simple and ready to use as its counterparts.

Until not too long ago, OS4 OpenLinux had a slightly different name and it wasn't using the KDE desktop environment, but XFCE. The developers chose to make a significant change and the transition from XFCE to KDE has been completed.

“With this release we complete our transition to KDE from XFCE on the OS/4 Enterprise Linux release. Customers have asked for it and so we are providing it. OS/4 OpenLinux 13.7 is our updated KDE release that we provide for users,” reads the official announcement.

Moving to KDE is not simple, mostly because it has bigger hardware requirements than its XFCE counterpart. The developers had to make sure that the operating system remains fast and responsive, which is actually a trademark of XFCE.

“With OS/4 OpenLinux 13.7 we have created a best of breed KDE desktop based system and the fastest KDE live image available. With that we also updated the OS/4 OpenLinux core system with all applicable kernel bugfixes and updated kernel with new drivers and speed improvements,” stated the developers of OS4 OpenLinux.

As expected, the distribution incorporates the latest stable version of KDE, 4.11, LibreOffice, Kopete for instant messaging, QTransmission Bittorent client, Chromium Web Browser, Digikam for photo management, Krita for image editing, Synaptic and Gdebi for package management, Skype, Dragon Player for viewing videos, DVD and Blue-ray, and quite a few others.

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of changes, updates and new features. Download OS4 OpenLinux 13.7 right now from Softpedia.


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