OS4 Enterprise 4.1 Supports Microsoft Hyper-V

This release is powered by Linux kernel 3.2 and ZFS 0.6.2

Roberto J. Dohnert proudly announced last evening, May 12, that the first point release of his OS4 Enterprise 4 Linux operating system is now available for purchase.

Being powered by Linux kernel 3.2, OS4 Enterprise 4.1 includes many improvements and new or updated applications. Lots of issues have also been repaired in this release, making the OS4 Enterprise operating system a stable and reliable release.

"Today we are pleased to announce the release of OS4 Enterprise 4.1. With this release we bring many advancements to the worlds premier enterprise Linux platform. We learned a lot from our release of Enterprise 4.0 and this release is based on customer feedback."

"Starting with the user interface. Many of our Enterprise customers coming from Red Hat and Oracle Linux wanted a consistent user interface that they had become accustomed to with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux and we believe we have achieved that and with some of the flare that OS4 is famous for," official release announcement read.

Highlights of OS4 Enterprise 4.1:

• Linux kernel 3.2.0-41;

• ZFS 0.6.2 filesystem;

• DWM window manager;

• KDE SC 4.10 (available in the default repositories);

• Support for Microsoft Hyper-V;

• PostgreSQL database;

• Postfix email server;

• LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol);

• Apache web server;

• Jakarta Tomcat;

• Redesigned Disk Utility app;

• WebMin web-based interface for system administration;

• LibreOffice 4.0 office suite;

• Mozilla Firefox web browser;

• Mozilla Thunderbird email client;

• GIMP 2.8 image editor;

• OpenJDK Java Runtime Environment;

• Eclipse IDE;

• QT Design suite;

• Monodevelop;

• Gambas 3;

• Deja-Dup backup utility;

• Full Red Hat cluster suite.

With this release, the developer decided to raise the price to $100 (77 EUR) and also release a demo ISO image, so users can test the distribution before buying it.

Download OS4 Enterprise 4.1 Demo right now from Softpedia.

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