OS X 10.8.3 Beta 10 Reportedly Fixes FILE Bug – Developer News

Build 12D65 out and into developers’ hands with unchanged list of focus areas

Labeled as build 12D65, a new Mountain Lion beta has been released from Cupertino, asking developers to focus on the same core areas of OS X, including AirPlay, Graphics Drivers, Safari, and others.

OS X 10.8.3 Build 12D65 is four increments apart from the last beta, which may suggest a high number of changes under the hood. Unfortunately, our developer connects have yet to notice any substantial alterations.

They did however tell us that Apple was obsessively asking them to focus on the same areas of the operating system – AirPlay, AirPort, Game Center, Graphics Drivers, and Safari.

Other sources say OS X 10.8.3 appears to fix the recently discovered “FILE” bug which crashes numerous Mountain Lion applications when the user types File, followed by colon and three slashes.

To get OS X 10.8.3 Seed 12D65, developers must have the OS X Software Update Seed Configuration Utility installed. Those enrolled with the company’s annual developer program must visit the Mac Dev Center for the goods.

Apple has notably tested OS X 10.8.3 across ten betas, which is one of the longest seeding cycles ever recorded for an incremental OS X update.

With iOS 6.1 released a few days ago, there’s a good chance Apple has also planned the public release of OS X 10.8.3.

However, the recently emerged “FILE” bug, along with some other last-minute bugs, probably forced Apple to have a new round of testing before release.

As usual, testers are told to install the OS X 10.8.3 beta on a non-production machine, or at least on a system partition that they’re willing to erase if necessary. Beta software is not to be relied upon.

“As this is a pre-release build, it is not advisable to use this software on a production system with information on it that you depend on for your business,” Apple says.

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