OCZ Stops Making Systems, Coolers and Peripherals

Will focus exclusively on SSDs, memory and PSUs

Not long ago, OCZ was revealed to have shut down its PC division, Hypersonic, in order to more closely focus on its core business. OCZ bought Hypersonic in 1996, but its plans to become a player on the PC front never materialized. Now that that division is no more, OCZ has gone ahead and has reportedly announced that it is also stopping production of new peripherals, coolers, gaming gear and all other minor products.

The company has been trying to become an established name on the gaming and enthusiast hardware front, by selling coolers, keyboards, mice and even a unique game controller known as Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA), but its plans did not pay off. On the other hand, the company did manage to secure a large share of the solid-state-drive market. Through shutting down its non-core branches, OCZ intends to become more productive and innovative in the making of solid state drives, power supplies and memory.

“Over the course of the last few years, we have met the demand for a better storage option head-on, by delivering high performance solid state disk drives to a wide array of customers globally. This round of funding will enable OCZ to continue its growth in SSDs and accelerate the development of next-generation solutions,” Ryan Petersen, president and chief executive officer of OCZ Technology, said. “OCZ will continue to design, develop and implement SSD technology with its current base of over 300 customers while opening up new markets through targeting enterprise and OEM customers seeking to adopt flash media as primary storage.”

“We are focusing on our key product categories. We have ceased sales and marketing of the Hypersonic brand […]. We have transitioned away from the coolers, systems and peripherals and allowing us to focus and direct resources to our core solutions which are SSDs, power supplies and memory,” Alex Mei, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at OCZ Technology, explained.

OCZ will benefit from the advantage of having been one of the first brands to start making SSDs when they were invented, several years ago.

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