OCZ Promises New Vector Series PCIe SSDs for March Release

The storage units will go in PCI Express 2.0 slots

OCZ may not have much to do at the Mobile World Congress, but that doesn't mean it is twiddling its thumbs.

Since wasting time is bad for business, the company has decided to move forward with its plans on the solid-state drive market.

Said plans will culminate in the release of new Vector Series PCI Express solid-state drives at CeBIT 2013, set to take place on March 05-09.

All of them will use the PCI Express 2.0 technology and will ship with “an advanced suite of flash management tools” for “enhanced drive endurance and data.”

OCZ will introduce the ZD-XL SQL Accelerator at the same time, a technology that lets SQL databases sort data according to relevance and availability. Basically, it makes sure the SQL server easily finds it when needed.

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