OCZ Grabs the 'Intel Mobile Innovation of the Year' Award for DIY Laptops

Intel recognizes the company's efforts

OCZ Technology, one of the world's leading memory vendors, has announced today that it has received the “Intel Mobile Innovation of the Year” award, recognizing the company's effort of promoting the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) laptop program. Launched in 2008, the program is meant to provide computer enthusiasts and everyday users with an alternative way to purchase a portable computer system. Intel, the world's leading chip maker, has recognized OCZ's efforts and has awarded the company accordingly.

“It is fantastic to be recognized by Intel as a leader for innovation in the mobile market, and OCZ is proud to be a part of the progression that the DIY notebook product line represents,” stated Ryan Edwards, director of product management for OCZ Technology Group. “The OCZ DIY product line brings the excitement of building your own system to the mobile space, providing comprehensive step-by-step instructions and customer support to end-users of all levels. We have leveraged the latest cutting-edge Intel platforms to allow end-users to break through to new levels of notebook performance and value.”

The program makes it easy for computer users and enthusiasts to build their own portable PC, thanks to the support provided by the company for its DIY notebook product. According to OCZ, users interested in acquiring and building their own DIY notebook can benefit from the direct online and toll-free support offered by OCZ, which details the assembly process and the validated components.

Currently, OCZ offers a wide range of DIY gaming notebooks that have been designed to boast Intel's mobile computing technology. These systems provide users with support for the latest Intel Core 2 Duo/Extreme/Quad processors, enabling both hardware enthusiasts and mainstream users to easily configure their own Intel-based gaming-ready portable computer system. With the announcement, OCZ said that it would continue to expand its lineup of DIY notebooks, also providing users with the same level of support.

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