OCZ CEO Steps Down, Quits Being President and Director Too

He may or may not have been fired by the board of directors

Advanced Micro Devices is not the only one losing a high-ranking staff member. OCZ is going through something similar, although the rank of the one leaving is much higher.

The one who is departing the NAND Flash storage company is none other than Ryan Petersen, president, CEO and director.

He was one of the organization's founders and played a key role in bringing OCZ where it is now.

Some are speculating that the board of directors decided to oust him, but no official reason has been given for his departure.

Alex Mei will serve as interim chief executive officer. He has been with OCZ since 2004 and will continue in his position of executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

“Alex has the full confidence of the Board and is well respected by colleagues, employees, and the industry alike. He's ideally suited to oversee the continued execution of OCZ's strategic plans during this interim period,” said Adam Epstein, OCZ's lead independent director.

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