OCMemory Releases New RAM Without Coolers

The high-speed modules are made out of Hynix chips

Hynix is one of the semiconductor manufacturers that haven't yet abandoned the random access memory industry, unlike PQI, Elpida and others.

That is why its RAM chips are going to be used in more than the usual number of DRAM modules and kits from now on.

The OCM2400CL10D-8GBN from Japanese company OCMemory is one example.

It is a dual-channel kit made of two 4 GB modules, each with a clock speed of DDR3-1,600 MHz fallback SPD profile.

In truth, the modules can go to 2,400 MHz if owners really want to overclock them.

The voltage will need to be set at 1.65V for that to work though, and the latencies will be of 10-12-12-31.

Intel XMP certification makes it clear that all these capabilities work reliably.

The price of the OCM2400CL10D-8GBN memory kit is 6,000 Yen, or $72 / 56.44 Euro.

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