O2 UK Secures 4G Spectrum, Will Launch Network in Summer

The carrier has already started to upgrade its network grid for the launch

Today, wireless carrier O2 UK confirmed that it had managed to secure mobile airwaves (spectrum) for the deployment of a 4G network in the country.

The operator will start working on the deployment of the necessary equipment soon, with the network expected to go live sometime in summer.

Furthermore, the company promises a new digital experience to its users, exclusive to its 4G network, as well as seamless connectivity and faster speeds.

O2 also announced that Telefónica UK, its parent company, has invested £550 million to secure 2x10MHz of spectrum at 800MHz.

“Today, Telefónica has made a significant investment in next-generation 4G technology for the UK,” O2 CEO Ronan Dunne commented on the matter.

“While 4G will indeed allow for faster data speeds and a more seamless mobile experience, it is our intention to go beyond what has already been offered in the market and give our customers a unique and exclusive range of digital experiences, marking a new generation for the mobile industry.”

The acquisition of the aforementioned block of spectrum further proves O2 UK’s commitment to deliver its new service to as many users as possible.

The company promises 4G indoor coverage to 98 percent of the UK population, and says that it has already started upgrading its network grid to offer 4G capability.

“This is a truly landmark moment for the UK, presenting a wealth of opportunity to transform mainstream services to improve people’s lives,” Ronan Dunne also said.

“Now the investment has been made for 4G to become a nationwide reality, we want all organizations across all sectors to ensure the true value of 4G is realized, so that together we can make Britain truly digital.”

UK’s EE has already launched 4G services in the country last year, and other carriers also confirmed plans to launch similar networks in the near future.

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