O2 UK Puts HTC One X+ Up for Sale at £479.99 on PAYG

The Android handset is being sold without a charger

HTC’s One X+ smartphone is now available for purchase in the UK through wireless carrier O2, both on Pay-As-You-Go and on pay monthly plans.

The smartphone can be seen listed on the wireless services provider’s website with a price tag of £479.99 attached to it on PAYG, or available for free on monthly plans that start at £41.

The most interesting aspect related to the availability of this device is that O2 is selling it without a wired charger included in the package.

Apparently, the carrier was already expected to start selling smartphones with no chargers included in the mix, but no specific info on when it would start doing so has emerged until now.

HTC One X+ is the first one to be sold this way, which means that users would have to either purchase a charger separately, or use one they already own.

The phone is compatible with USB chargers and, with around 70 percent users already owning such a product, the move comes naturally.

Furthermore, the carrier explains that there are around 100 million unused chargers in the country, and that its decision to sell the new smartphone this way is a step towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

Otherwise, the device is one of the most appealing smartphones the carrier currently offers to its users, and is also one of the first to run under the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean platform.

With 64GB of internal storage and a 1.7GHz quad-core processor inside, the handset has a lot of great features and capabilities to provide its users with, that’s for sure.

“The HTC One X+ features a 1.7GHz quad-core processor that makes it our best-rated Android phone on the market today. Lightning-fast web browsing, speedy downloads and effortless multitasking are just some of the benefits you can expect,” the carrier notes.

“A longer-lasting battery life gives you up to 50% more talk time. The HTC One X+ also comes with 64GB of storage and Beats Audio, plus a large 4.7" screen.”

Those who would like to learn more on the new smartphone or would like to purchase it should head over to this page on the wireless carrier’s website for that.

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