O2 Phishing Scam: Our System Shows Your Bill Is Due

Users are tricked into handing over their details by completing a form

Cybercriminals are trying to trick unsuspecting Internet users into handing over their credentials by sending them bogus O2 bill notifications.

According to Hoax Slayer, the fake emails, apparently coming from O2 Shop and titled “Your bill (£204.00),” read something like this:

“Dear Customer,

Our system shows your bill of £204.00 is due and ready to view online. This might be an error from our server and you will be required to update your details again. Please download the document attached to this email and confirm your recent bill.


Our customer service team.”

The email has nothing to do with O2 and when users open the attachment, they’re presented with a form which requires them to provide their account credentials and other personal information.

O2 is aware of such scams. The company has even dedicated a section of its website to teaching customers on how to identify and avoid phishing emails.

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