O2 Phishing Scam: Account Maintenance Notification

Cybercrimnals try to steal the usernames and passwords of O2 customers

Customers of UK’s mobile phone and broadband provider O2 should keep an eye out these days for a clever phishing scam that’s designed to steal their account login details.

Millersmiles.co.uk provides a sample notification that's part of this new scheme. Here’s what these emails look like:

Dear Customer,

In order to continue to maintain your account with the O2 we require further information .Login to your account below and fill out the required information Once we have received the documentation requested we will be able to restore your access to your account.

Click Here To Login

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact this office or refer to the “help” section of our website.

If the link is clicked, the victim is taken to a compromised Malaysian website that hosts a phishing webpage. Those who fail to notice the fact that the site doesn’t legitimately belong to O2 and sign in are practically handing over their accounts to cybercriminals.

We advise everyone to be on the lookout for such emails.

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