O.J. Simpson Says He’s Done a Lot of Good in Prison – Video

First parole hearing sees O.J. trying to convince Nevada officials he should be released

O.J. Simpson has been sentenced to up to 33 years in prison after a botched robbery of sports memorabilia back in 2007. At his first parole hearing, he tried to convince the board he’s been nothing short of a saint behind bars.

Video of his statement is included below.

As you can see, Simpson is telling the parole board that he was nothing short of a saint since he started his sentence at the Lovelock Correction Center 5 years ago.

He did the work, he volunteered, and he got involved in all sorts of activities that eventually helped other inmates become reformed.

Simpson even tries to argue that, of all the hardened criminals he’s doing time, he’s the most innocent, if such a thing is possible, arguing that he was only trying to steal his own property.

The board hasn’t yet ruled in his case but, even if does so in his favor, Simpson will still spend a few more years behind bars because he’s serving concurrent and consecutive sentences.

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