O.J. Simpson Owes $320,000 (€251,216) in Back Taxes

Former pro football player is still in prison but his debts keep piling up

The higher the climb the steeper the fall is what they say. O.J. Simpson, currently in prison for a series of crimes, is also having troubles with his taxes as well. According to a new report, he owes about $320,000 (€251,216) in back taxes.

TMZ has learned that, for 2010, Simpson failed to pay his takes to the State of California, as a new lien filed against him confirms.

“According to docs recently filed by the State of CA Franchise Tax Board, Simpson – who is currently rotting away in a Nevada prison for Robbery – still owes $318,566.04 [€250,091.2] in unpaid taxes from the Millennium,” the celebrity e-zine reports.

If that were the whole amount of Simpson’s debts, he would still be relatively ok, the same media outlet writes.

However, he’s “knee deep in financial trouble”: he still hasn’t paid his taxes for 2007-2010, which amount to $180,000 (€141,309).

More importantly, he still hasn’t paid the millions he owes to the families of the two people he supposedly killed, his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, in what was definitely the trial of the century because it got him off the hook.

On the other hand, it looks like Simpson will be spending at least many more years in prison because of charges stemming from a 2007 robbery he was involved in.

A simple look at his Wikipedia page is enough to make it crystal clear that he won’t be out – and perhaps paying his debts – anytime soon.

“Simpson faced a possible life sentence with parole on the kidnapping charge, and mandatory prison time for armed robbery. On December 5, 2008, Simpson was sentenced to a total of thirty-three years in prison with the possibility of parole after about nine years, in 2017,” it says.

“On September 4, 2009, the Nevada Supreme Court denied a request for bail during Simpson's appeal. In October 2010, the Nevada Supreme Court affirmed his convictions. He is now serving his sentence at the Lovelock Correctional Center,” the same page notes.

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