O.J. Simpson Is Still Not Paying His Taxes

The IRS has filed yet another lien against him for unpaid back taxes

The tax man is after O.J. Simpson again. After repeatedly failing to pay his taxes, the IRS has filed yet another lien against the cash-strapped former star who is now locked behind bars, it has emerged.

As it happens, this lien is like a drop in the ocean considering the kind of financial problems he’s been plagued by for years.

“According to a federal lien filed in December, O.J. failed to cough up $17,015.99 [€12,655.99] in taxes for the year 2011. This makes for the THIRD lien filed against him in the last 12 months,” TMZ reports.

“Uncle Sam filed a lien for $179,435.07 [€133,458.58] for the years 2007-2010 and the State of California says he still owes $318,566.04 [€236,940.1] for the year 2000. Tax debt total = $515,017.10 [€383,054.74],” the same media outlet writes.

However, that’s just the icing on the cake as far as Simpson’s financial problems go: he still owes millions to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in the civil lawsuit filed after he was acquitted of double murder.

Right now, Simpson is in prison serving time for a 2007 robbery he was involved in.

Though he was acquitted by a grand jury of double murder, doubts still persist as to his innocence in the death of his wife and her friend, both of whom were found brutally stabbed in his home.

Simpson had been a very jealous and temper-throwing husband in the years leading up to Nicole’s death, so it is believed he lashed out and killed her in a fit of rage, presumably provoked by his suspicion that she was cheating on him.

Throughout the trial, which became one of the most mediated murder trials ever until that day, Simpson maintained his innocence.

Useless to say, the families of the victims never bought his story.

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