Nvidia Tegra 3 Costs Between $15 - $25 (€11.3 to €18.9), Says Company

This is how much a quad-core ARM SoC wills et you back

Newer, more powerful chips, don’t always have to be more expensive than their predecessors and that’s exactly what Nvidia claims it has happed with its quad-core Tegra 3 which costs just about the same as the previous Tegra 2.

Analyst Romit J. Shah from Nomura Securities recently asked Nvidia how much does Tegra 3 actually cost and the company said that its price sits somewhere between 15 and 25 US dollars (€11.3 to €18.9).

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang was actually even more specific and said “I don’t know which Tegra is $15. But there are no – if we’re still talking about Tegra 3, there is no Tegra 3 that’s $15. It’s higher than that.”

So there you have it. Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 costs actually between $15 and $25, with the scale tipping more towards the latter.

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