Nvidia Releases New Linux Certified Display Driver 310.32, Download Now

Just a few days after AMD released a major update, Nvidia launches a new certified driver

Nvidia announced today, January 21, the immediate availability for download of the 310.32 version of its graphics driver for Linux operating systems.

Nvidia is making great strides for the Linux platform and is constantly improving the quality of their drivers, mostly by fixing problems spotted by the community.

This latest version made available, 310.32, is just as consistent as the previous updates and comes with a lot of new features and improvements.

Highlights of Nvidia Display Driver 310.32:

• Support for GeForce GTX 680MX and Tesla K20Xm has been added;

• A bug which occurred when enabling framelock between displays connected to the same GPU as other displays with different refresh rates and which caused the latter to be incorrectly assigned to the framelock group, has been fixed;

• The reporting of HDMI 3D framerates and pixel clocks has been updated in order to be more consistent with how they are reported by HDMI 3D displays;

• A bug that sometimes prevented rotation controls in the nvidia-settings control panel from working after changing resolutions has been fixed;

• A bug that could cause applications using GL_NV_vdpau_interop to crash during modeswitches has been fixed;

• A kernel module parameter, "NVreg_EnablePCIeGen3" has been added. It can be used to enable PCIe gen 3 when possible;

• A bug in nvidia-settings that could cause the wrong resolution to be set in basic mode for setups based on one display per X screen, has been repaired;

• libnvidia-encode.so library dependency has been fixed by linking it with libnvcuvid.so.1 instead of libnvcuvid.so while creating it;

• Improved performance of OpenGL framebuffer object binds with Xinerama enabled by 2000-3000% when the application's windows do not span screen boundaries.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official announcement. Keep in mind that this is a short-lived release and you might encounter bugs and various problems.

Download Nvidia Display Driver 310.32 for Linux 32-bit.

Download Nvidia Display Driver 310.32 for Linux 64-bit.

Download Nvidia Display Driver 310.32 for FreeBSD.

Download Nvidia Display Driver 310.32 for Solaris.

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