Nvidia Releases Massive 319.32 Linux Certified Driver

The latest version of the Nvidia driver can be downloaded from Softpedia

Nvidia has announced the immediate availability for download of the 319.32 certified version of its graphics driver for Linux operating systems.

Nvidia is on a roll and it's pumping out new drivers on a regular basis, either for the current generation of chipsets or for the legacy branch.

This new certified driver is one of the largest released so far and it brings much needed support for GeForce GTX 760 and GeForce 720M graphics cards.

Highlights of Nvidia 319.32 Certified Driver:

• The nvidia-settings control panel has been updated in order to report more detailed locking information;

• A bug that could cause the X server to crash, after the power-cycling displays were connected behind a DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Stream Transport hub, has been fixed;

• A bug that could cause nvidia-settings to crash, when switching VTs after changing some settings, has been repaired;

• The application profile syntax now allow for multiple patterns;

• A bug that caused some OpenGL programs to crash, when the __GL_DOOM3 environment variable was set, has been fixed;

• The error reporting of the nvidia-persistenced utility has been improved;

• A bug that could cause Altair HyperView to hang, when rendering animations with tensors, has been fixed;

• A performance regression in MEDINA 8.2 has been fixed;

• A bug that could cause an OpenGL application to crash, if it creates and destroys multiple threads, has been corrected;

• The appearance of the tearing, that occurs when using RandR 1.4's Source, has been corrected on Kepler-based GPUs;

• A "Prefer Consistent Performance" PowerMizer Mode has been added to the nvidia-settings control panel (on Quadro boards).

A complete list of changes and improvements is available in the official announcement.

Download Nvidia Display Driver 319.32 for Linux 32-bit

Download Nvidia Display Driver 319.32 for Linux 64-bit

Download Nvidia Display Driver 319.32 for FreeBSD

Download Nvidia Display Driver 319.32 for Solaris

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