Nvidia Releases 319.17 Certified Driver for Linux with Too Many Features to Count

The latest version of the Nvidia drivers can be downloaded from Softpedia

Nvidia has announced the immediate availability for download of the 319.17 version of its graphics driver for Linux operating systems.

Nvidia has just released a new certified driver for all supported platforms and it comes with a huge list of fixes and improvements.

Among the most important features we find the support for a few new video cards: GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST, GeForce GT 720M, GeForce GT 735M, GeForce GT 740M, GeForce GT 745M, and GeForce GT 750M.

Highlights of Nvidia 319.17 Driver:

• A regression that caused multiple BUG messages to be printed in the kernel log on SMP systems has been fixed;

• A bug that could cause the X server to crash when repeatedly enabling and disabling displays, has been fixed;

• nvidia-settings has been fixed and now uses "libvdpau.so.1," rather than "libvdpau.so";

• A daemon utility called nvidia-persistenced has been added;

• Initial support has been added for the restoration of efifb consoles on UEFI systems;

• Support has been added for the xorg.conf Monitor section options "Ignore," "Enable," "Primary," and "Rotate";

• An Underscan feature has been added in the nvidia-settings X Server Display Configuration page;

• Support has been added to the NVIDIA client-side GLX implementation for application profiles;

• Support has been added to the nvidia-installer, for cryptographically signing the NVIDIA kernel module;

• The "PanningTrackingArea" and "PanningBorder" MetaMode attributes have been added;

• Support for RandR 1.3 panning has been added;

• A setuid root utility called nvidia-modprobe has been added to the package;

• The nvidia-settings command line interface has been updated and now it can accept display device names.

A complete list of changes and improvements is available in the official announcement.

Download Nvidia Display Driver 319.17 for Linux 32-bit.

Download Nvidia Display Driver 319.17 for Linux 64-bit.

Download Nvidia Display Driver 319.17 for FreeBSD.

Download Nvidia Display Driver 319.17 for Solaris.


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