Nvidia GeForce GT 545 and GT 530 Enter the OEM Market

After having announced the introduction of the GTX 560 video card yesterday, Nvidia has pushed two other graphics solutions in the race, the GeForce GT 530 and the GeForce GT 545, which are both destined to be used inside OEM systems.

The first of the two, the GT 530, is targeting entry-level users who seeks to add enhanced multimedia capabilities to their systems without having to spend too much money in the process.

As a result, the card is based on the GF118 core that packs just 96 streaming processors, 16 texture units, 4 ROP units and a 128-bit memory bus.

This can be connected to either 1GB or 2GB of DDR3 video buffer clocked at 898MHz, which should provide a total bandwidth of 28.7GB/sec. The card's GPU comes clocked at 700MHz.

The second solution to be released by Nvidia, the GeForce GT 545, is based on the much more powerful GF116 GPU which is also used for the GTX 550 Ti.

This time, however, the company has disabled some of the resources available in the core and came up with a design that packs 144 streaming processors and 24 texture units.

The rest of the graphics card's specs depend on the memory version that the OEM has chosen, as the DDR3 models feature 16 ROP units and a 128-bit memory bus, which can access between 1.5GB and 3GB of memory, while the GDDR5 cards include 24 ROP units, a 192-bit memory bus and 1GB of video buffer.

The operating frequencies also vary depending on the memory choice and the GDDR5 models have a 870MHz core and 1998MHz video buffer, while the DDR3 versions have a 720MHz core and 900MHz video buffer.

As expected, the increased memory bandwidth available to the GDDR5 models will greatly improve the performance of these cards.

No details regarding pricing are available as these are OEM cards, but they should start making their appearance in various desktop systems in the coming weeks. (via HardwareLuxx)


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