Nvidia GTX 560 Non-Ti Confirmed by MSI Afterburner 2.2.0

The rumors regarding Nvidia's plans to launch a new version of the GTX 560 that will drop the Ti suffix have just been confirmed by the latest beta version of MSI's popular Afterburner software, which has now added support for the yet unreleased card.

The MSI Afterburner software is one of the most popular overclocking utilities available and it allows users to monitor and control the operating frequencies, as well as other settings, of their graphics cards.

MSI constantly updates the application to add support for newly launched video cards and the latest version to be released, the 2.2.0 Beta 3, has now added the non-Ti version of the GTX 560 to its compatibility list, even though the card hasn't been made official by Nvidia.

In fact, Nvidia isn't expected to make the card official until May 17, which is almost a week away from now.

When it arrives, the GTX 560 will take the place of the GTX 460 1GB in the company's lineup and will feature many of the specifications of its predecessor.

This includes 336 stream processors, 56 texture units, 32 ROP units and a 256-bit wide memory bus that can be connected to 1GB or 2GB of GDDR5 video buffer.

However, Nvidia has managed to lower the power consumption of the GTX 560, which now consumes 10W less than the 1GB version of the GTX 460 (160W for the GTX 460 1GB vs 150W for the GTX 560).

Furthermore, the operating frequencies of both the GPU and the memory have been raised to the levels of the GTX 560 Ti, as the card now comes with an 820MHz core and 1002MHz (4008MHz data rate) memory.

As mentioned previously, the non-Ti GTX 560 is expected to arrive on May 17 and reports indicate that it will carry a price tag of about $200 US. (via HardwareLuxx)

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