Nvidia Announces Quadro 2000D Graphics Card for the Medical Imaging Environment

Nvidia has just announced the launch and immediate availability of the Quadro 2000D graphics card, a solution designed especially for the medical field which packs advanced features meant to cater to the needs of hospitals, clinics and other diagnostic imaging environments.

Like all Quadro solutions launched by Nvidia lately, the 2000D is also built on the Fermi core and packs 192 CUDA cores,1 GB of GDDR5 video buffer and a 128-bit memory interface.

Based on the modular nature of the GF110 core, this means that the card also packs 32 texturing units and 16 ROPs, making it identical to the GTS 450, although the clock speeds of the 2000D could actually be lower as it features a TDP of only 62W (compared to the 106W TDP of the GTS 450).

However, what is important for the medical imagery field is the fact that Nvidia's newest Quadro graphics card comes with 10 and 12-bit gray scale support and is compatible with the DICOM monitor-calibration standard used for transferring radiologic images and other medical information between computers.

In addition, the GPU allows users to pan any application on up to 8 high-resolution panels or projectors, provide that enough 2000D cards are paired together in SLI (each card can drive only two DVI displays).

“We strive to design the best possible diagnostic imaging systems, which for years have included Nvidia Quadro graphics with our Dome displays,” said Peter M Steven, VP & GM of the Radiology Business Unit at NDS Surgical Imaging.

“With the new Quadro 2000D, Nvidia offers the latest Quadro technology in a design compatible with existing Dome displays, which will allow us to deliver precise 10-bit grayscale and color imaging in a much desired dual DVI configuration.”

The Quadro 2000D has an MSRP price of £369.00 (excluding VAT) and is available in certified HP Z800, Z600, and Z400 workstations as well as in the Dell Precision T7500, T5500, T3500, and R5400 workstations.

The card can also be purchased from various channel partners, including PNY, ELSA and Leadtek.

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