Number of Global Warming Deniers Found to Have Upped in the US

An increased number of people also think global warming is not human-caused

According to a new report made public by researchers working with the Yale University and the George Mason University, the number of people in the United States who do not believe in global warming has considerably increased over the course of just a few months.

Thus, in April 2013, 16% of the country's population was documented not to believe that said phenomenon was real. The percentage of global warming deniers now sits at 23%, the report says.

Besides, it appears that people are also getting firmer in their convictions.

Mother Jones tells us that, in September 2012, about 43% of those who did not think global warming was real admitted to being “very sure” or “extremely sure” about their views on the matter.

By November 2013, the percentage of people who strongly believe that said phenomenon is a hoax upped to 56%.

What's more, the Yale and George Mason Universities researchers found that, for the time being, 47% of the people in the United States think global warming is caused by human activities. This represents a decrease of 7% when compared to the year 2012.

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