NullCrew Hacks South African ISP Directory, 450 Account Details Leaked

The hackers are protesting against African governments

The systems of ISP Directory – a South African online directory dedicated for Internet service providers (ISPs) – have been breached by members of the NullCrew collective.

“Hello everyone. Today I have another special release for you. We have hacked an ISP Directory from Africa, and we have dumped all the results,” the hackers wrote next to the data leak.

The leak consists of email addresses, host names, usernames and clear text passwords. It’s uncertain at this time if the passwords are stored in clear or if the hackers decrypted them before publishing the data.

As for their reasons, one of the hackers told Softpedia that they’re protesting against “corruption, the molesting of children with the sweatshops, and mostly against African government.”

We have requested comment from ISP Directory and we’ll update this article as soon as they respond.

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