Nuclear Waste Goes on a 21-Day Trip Across the US

This is “the largest load ever moved this distance,” officials say

This past Sunday night, one of San Onofre plant's nuclear generators embarked on a journey from Southern California to Clive, Utah.

The generator weighs 700,000 pounds (roughly 317,514 kilograms) and is carried around by a 400-foot-long truck. However, the country's officials chose not to offer any information concerning its exact route, although the nuclear generator supposedly does not threaten public health in any way.

Apparently, the generator had to be taken to a dumpsite because the San Onofre plant closed back in January as a result of a leak, and workers must now investigate all of its facilities.

According to Huffington Post, Justin Brevik (i.e. the man who designed the truck carrying this nuclear waste) said that, “We believe it's the largest load ever moved this distance in the US.”

However, authorities wished to make is at clear as possible that, “There is a slight bit of radioactivity to it. But if you stood next to it for an hour, you'd get about the same amount of radioactivity you do when you get a dental X-ray.”

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