Now You Can: Call New Girls on the Web with MySpace and Skype!

Skype partners with MySpace

MySpace and Skype will announce a deal today which is meant to help both companies reach new consumers and evolve into different markets. The idea of the agreement is pretty simple: MySpace will promote Skype as the main communication tool on its social networking website, offering the VoIP client to all the registered members who want to chat on the Internet. What's more interesting is that the two companies will share the revenues recorded by Skype from the MySpace consumers who decide to use the paying functions such as PC to phone calls and voice mail boxes, New York Times reports today. It seems like a press release will be released today so keep an eye on the news to find out all the details of the agreement.

"We are interconnecting the world's largest voice network and the world's largest video and social network. It feels like an obvious fit," said Michael van Swaaij, interim chief executive of Skype, for the New York Times. "Wherever people are hanging out on the internet they should be able to use Skype. MySpace is a great hangout so it is a great way to get Skype to people hanging out on MySpace," Skype director of business development Scott Miller added for Agence France-Presse according to the Herald Sun.

The New York Times sustains MySpace is one of the top social networking websites with 110 million users from all over the world, but the majority of consumers come from the United States. The VoIP software solution Skype recorded 220 millions users all over the world, most of them outside US. The deal will help the two companies reach the other side of the industry in which they are not so popular and attract new interested users who were not already registered for them.

Just as usual, you can download the latest version of Skype straight from Softpedia.

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