Notebooks to Become Cheaper than Ever, Since All Other Options Have Failed

This being just one of the measures that companies are considering

With all the tablets that have come out, and the general decline of interest in regular personal computers, notebook shipments have taken a hit.

Now we've learned that the Wintel camp is getting desperate enough that it believes that price cuts might be necessary in order to at least maintain sales levels, if not increase them.

And by Wintel camp we mean the PC makers that sell PCs made with Intel CPUs and Windows operating systems.

Now the only thing left is for someone to actually make the first move.

Related PC chip and hardware suppliers are trying to persuade Intel and Microsoft to do it, so that the supply chain may follow.

Knowing how stubborn Intel usually is about not cutting CPU prices though, we can't say that this is a done deal. Maybe the rise of tablets, mobile phones and other mobile Internet devices at PCs’ expense will be enough of a reason, but maybe it will not.

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