Not “Touching” Is What Happens as We Sit Down

We don't “touch”, we “interact at short distance”: how about this?

Scientists reveal that, among the actions taking place in the Universe, physically, "touching" is not touching as we understand it.

When we sit down, our body doesn't really “touch” the surface we sit on. What happens is that the electrons repel each and other, manifesting the behavior of some overlapping waves.

“It seems that 'touch' is a word that may be incapable of describing the actual universe as we understand it today,” according to an episode of Minute Physics, analyzed by Gizmodo.

So, it is suggested that we might consider changing our notion of touching to something meaning “interaction at short distance, which is really what happens between electrons when you sit on a chair.”

Overwhelming explanations I'd say, but of course, whether we are “touching” things or not, you watch and decide!

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