“Not Photoshoped” Photo of Sydney Destroyed in the Apocalypse Goes Viral

A picture of Sidney, Australia under siege is posted on Reddit

This silly picture of Sydney, Australia is going viral on Reddit, with more than 760,000 views in just a few hours.

Just to clarify, this photo does not depict what is happening in Australia during the Mayan apocalypse. The world is not being destroyed one metropolis at a time, at least not yet.

The funny thing is that the upload is dubbed “Not photoshoped picture of Australia at the moment.” The title is most likely accurate, since the fire and Godzilla look like they were added in MS Paint.

As expected, users poked fun at the photo a lot, some posting pretty clever and sarcastic comments.

“Fake, I can tell because these is a light missing on the UFO. Aliens are perfectionists, as we all know,” and “'Last time I ever use Apple Maps' - Godzilla” are just two of them.

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