Norton 2012 Products Launched, Norton Everywhere Initiative Extended

Symantec extends mobile device support with the release of Norton 2012 applications

Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus 2012 were released today by Symantec, further extending the initiative to offer comprehensive protection to different platforms and devices, no matter their location.

Norton products are adapting to the demands of the market by updating their cloud-based technologies, new features like the Norton Tablet Security and Norton Anti-Theft being showcased as representative improvements in their recently released products.

Janice Chaffin, group president of the Consumer Business Unit at Symantec, said that “For the past few years we have witnessed an explosion of devices, platforms and applications for consumers to enjoy. However, with these exciting changes come new digital dangers and an even greater need for consumers to be protected from cybercrime.”

“As the world leader in security, Norton will continue striving to ensure that our customers are safe wherever they go, whatever digital experience they choose to have,” she added.

The new security solutions are designed to ensure that personal information remains untouched by online attacks.

Among the new technologies, there are a few that are worth mentioning, like the Identity Safe in the Cloud, which offers customers the possibility of storing passwords in the cloud for a better protection against cybercriminals.

The improved SONAR technology should better monitor applications for suspicious behavior, this way being able to faster detect an unknown threat.

Android users can be protected with the Norton Tablet Security and theft victims have a shot at recovering their stolen possession with the Norton Anti-Theft application which can pinpoint the location and can even remotely turn on the webcam on the device.

The latest Symantec products support a wide range of Microsoft operating systems, starting from XP and ending with all versions of Windows 7.

Norton Internet Security 2012 is available for purchase for the price of $69.99 USD, which provides users with one year of protection for a maximum of three PCs. A one year protection period provided for one PC by Norton AntiVirus 2012 will set you back $39.99 USD.

Norton Internet Security 2012 is available for download here.

Norton AntiVirus 2012 is available for download here.

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